Haibike FLYON: The Ultimate Guide

Monday 4th May, 2020
Pete B

Haibike are one of the UKs most revolutionary electric bike brands so understandably, their brand new FLYON has been highly anticipated. Now it has launched, we have compiled the ultimate guide telling you everything you need to know about this game changing eBike range and how you can get your hands on your very own.

What is Haibike FLYON?

FLYON is an exclusive ePerformance system designed and developed by Haibike. It boasts 50% more torque, 200% more assistance and 26% more range than ever seen before, leading the way into the new era of electric bike products. 

“The eBike as we know it was completely rethought in order to launch the next generation of ePerformance. With FLYON we have been able to create a system according to our understanding and concepts. This system enables eBike riding as it should feel in our opinion: self-evidently and powerful. All components seamlessly integrate into the overall design, which convinces with a high level of integration.”

Ingo Beutner, Head of Haibike Engineering 

Now let's dive in to FLYON's ePerformance System and all it's futuristic features.

FLYON HPR 120S Motor

Haibike FLYON’s dynamic, powerful motor provides 120 Nm torque and is specifically designed for your needs allowing you to soar over trails, explore new terrain and conquer hills like never before. The motor’s patented transmission allows it to offer you the perfect amount of power when you need it, with five custom assist levels up to 820%, all in an efficient, compact package. 

FLYON Intube Battery 630 WH:

Together with their technology partner BMZ, Haibike have developed a 48 volt battery with a high density and a whopping 630 WH Capacity. The battery is connected to the eBike system inside the frame via magnet and can be kept secure by a lock specially designed in collaboration with ABUS. Checking the battery level is made easy via touch sensor and the waterproof battery can be charged directly through the bike or separately via a 4 amp charger. You don’t have to worry about waiting hours for your battery to charge it can be brought to 80% battery level in only 60 minutes! (requires additional fast charger)

FLYON Display Controls:

Haibike’s FLYON offers you five different levels of assist, ECO, LOW, MID, HIGH and XTREME, with a removable, compact colour TFT display. The remote, located under the left handle, can be used easily and safely while riding to navigate between modes, with five bright LED colours show to which assistant mode you have selected.

FLYON New Carbon Frame:

The Haibike Flyon design integrates innovative technology into a high-quality carbon frame that meets the demands of riders across the most challenging of terrain. It is designed to be compact, light and features a space-saving battery mounting system. The included SkidPlate motor cover protects from dirt and debris and the lights are cleverly integrated into the rear swingarm with a front light to match. Haibike have also integrated a speed sensor within the rear swingarm instead of a magnet on the spokes, the sensor is built into the rear disc.

Haibike eConnect System:

Haibike’s updated eConnect system (eConnect 2.0) is now included free of charge with all FLYON electric bikes. You can use the handy, user-friendly app to track your bike via GPS, alert friends and family your location should you have a accident or as an anti-theft system to alert you of your bike’s movements, giving you peace of mind.

All of these amazing features have made FLYON a market leader, revolutionising electric travel and extending user possibility. It is truly like nothing you have ever experienced before. 

Want to see the exciting new FLYON range for yourself? View our most popular bikes below or contact us to book your in-store appointment today.

Haibike xDuro AllMtn 10.0 FLYON 2020

The Haibike xDURO AllMtn 10.0 FLYON 2020 mountain bike is a revolutionary model with the highest specification in the FLYON range.

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Haibike xDuro AllMtn 8.0 FLYON 2020

The Haibike xDuro AllMtn 8.0 FLYON 2020 mountain bike boasts a mid-range specification, it's a true all rounder and is the most popular in our range.

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Haibike xDuro AllMtn 5.0 FLYON 2020

The Haibike xDuro AllMtn 5.0 FLYON 2020 is the most affordable in our AllMtn range but still delivers the high quality experience you would expect from FLYON.

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Haibike xDuro NDURO 10.0 FLYON 2020

The Haibike xDuro NDURO 10.0 FLYON 2020 is a high endurance electric bike with full suspension for unpredictable terrain.

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Haibike xDuro Adventr 6.0 FLYON 2020

The Haibike xDuro Adventr 6.0 FLYON 2020 has road based tyres, lights and mudguards making it perfect for commuting.

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Haibike xDuro AllTrail 6.0 FLYON 2020

The Haibike xDuro AllTrail 6.0 FLYON 2020 is capable for trails as well as everyday riding, creating the perfect balance.

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