How do eBikes Work?

Electric bikes or eBikes amplify your own pedal power. They shorten commutes and allow you to arrive fresh, let you to climb hills like they are not there, and ride with faster friends. eBikes are pedal-assist, which means that there’s a motor that helps the pedals turn when you’re riding, but no throttle like a motorcycle. When you’re pedalling, the e-bike gives you a boost. When you stop pedalling the bike stops assisting.

Electric Bikes have 3 main components

All of these components combine to create the complete eBike system. Our bikes have 4 different levels of assistance modes ranging from 40% up to 300% assist. Outside of the electrical features you can pedal a eBike just the same as a regular bike.


The on-board computer display provides perfect support. Get just as much information and support as you need - from an overview of key riding data to bike-optimized route calculations especially for your eBike.


The battery can be charged on or off the bike in the same way as charging your mobile phone, just plug it in. Depending on capacity it will recharge fully in approx 3 hours. How far it will get you depends on the power of the motor, level of assist, type of terrain you’re riding and your weight but on modern eBikes on average you are looking at between 50-100miles.


Quality eBikes use mid drive motors that sit in the centre of the frame. They differ in size and power starting at 40Nm of torque for recreational use and increase up to 75Nm of torque for motors used in mountain bikes. The more powerful the motor the more assistance you get from 40% up to 300%.

Want to know more – come and visit our showroom where we can explain in detail all the different variants and match the perfect bike to your riding needs